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Tom DeLonge!!

Here are my pics of Tom DeLonge (full name: Thomas Matthew DeLonge)! Tom was born on December 13, 1975 in San Diego, California!

Here's Tom in a beanie! *Quick Fact* Tom has a brother named Shon and a sister named Kari!

Tom lifting his shirt up! *Quick Fact* Tom has a deep belief in aliens!!

A cute pic of Tom smiling! *Quick Fact* Tom is married to Jen Jenkins (an interior decorator)!

Tom....holding beer?!? LOL!! *Quick Fact* Tom was once kicked out of high school for drinking beer at a basketball game!

Tom with blue hair! *Quick Fact* Tom was voted Homecoming King by his peers to make the teachers mad!

Tom performing! *Quick Fact* Tom listens to Screeching Weasle, Jimmy Eat World, The Descendants, The Queers, and Propaghandi!

Tom at a radio promotion! *Quick Fact* Tom loves Mexican food especially from Sombrero's in California!

Tom playing with shades on! *Quick Fact* Tom is a Sagitarius!

Tom snorkeling! *Quick Fact* Tom's first instrument was the trumpet...although that didn't last long!

Tom in a van! *Quick Fact* Tom writes all of Blink 182's songs with fellow bandmate, Mark Hoppus!