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Wes Borland!!

Here are my pictures of Wes Borland (Full Name: Wesley Scott Borland)! Wes was born on February 7, 1975 in Richmond, Virginia but was raised in North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee!

Wes with his contacts! *Quick Fact* Wes loves the color yellow, coffee, and "Star Wars!"

Wes performing on MTV! *Quick Fact* Wes is married to Heather McMillen (his longtime girlfriend and for their honeymoon they went to amusement parks around the U.S.)!

Wes smiling on a candid shot! *Quick Fact* Wes quit smoking on February 9, 1999!

Wes performing in white face paint! *Quick Fact* Wes has his wife's name tattooed on his lower back!

Another pic of Wes smiling! *Quick Fact* Wes does his own face paintings and sews his own costumes!

Here's a pic of Wes doing his face paint! *Quick Fact* Wes listens to Metallica, Tori Amos, and Judas Priest!

Wes changing his hair color! *Quick Fact* Wes' artwork was once shown at a gallery in Jacksonville, Florida!

Wes on the cover of a magazine! *Quick Fact* Wes joined Limp Bizkit when he was 18 years old! He had long hair then!

Wes performing! *Quick Fact* Wes' brother, Scott, plays the keyboard occasionally for Limp Bizkit!

Wes at Woodstock '99! *Quick Fact* Wes has many nicknames including, Little Cracker Spawn, Wessy Poop Head, and Lucy, which is short for Lucifer!