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Seann William Scott!!

Here are my pictures of Seann Scott (Full Name: Seann William Scott)! Seann was born on July 12, 1977 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota!

Seann in a black tank top! *Quick Fact* Seann was discovered at a talent show in Los Angeles and was then flown to New York to audition for "All My Children," a soap opera!

Seann at a photo shoot to promote "Evolution!" *Quick Fact* Seann was on a Sunny Delight commercial and an American Express commercial!

Seann on "Road Trip!" *Quick Fact* Seann is 6'1''!

Seann laughing! *Quick Fact* Scott finished high school early!

Seann at a movie premeire! *Quick Fact* Seann was in an Aerosmith video called "A Hole In My Soul!"

Seann as Stifler in "American Pie" and "American Pie 2!" *Quick Fact* Seann had roles in the TV show "Sweet Valley High!"

Seann at an "American Pie" photoshoot! *Quick Fact* Seann has a cat named Choneez (which he says is Spanish for the word underwear)!

sean as Billy in "Final Destination!" *Quick Fact* Seann aced baseball, football, and basketball but decided to pursue acting!

Another pic of Seann in "Final Destination!" *Quick Fact* Seann has worked as a gym trainer, a worker at a pizza kitchen, and a plumbing-department salesman at Home Depot!

Seann smiling for a candid photo! *Quick Fact* Seann made it possible for his father to retire from his factory working job!