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Rivers Cuomo!!

Here are my pics of Rivers Cuomo (the lead singer in Weezer)! Rivers was born on June 13, 1970 in a small town in Yogaville, Connecticut!

Rivers at a meet and greet! *Quick Fact* Rivers is a Harvard graduate!

A serious pic of Rivers! *Quick Fact* Rivers has a younger brother named Leaves!

Rivers playing the guitar! *Quick Fact* When Rivers was 18, he moved to Los Angeles with ambitions of being a rock star!

Rivers on the cover of his CD "Weezer!" *Quick Fact* Rivers has a deep love for opera!

The same pic but of his whole body! *Quick Fact* Rivers refers to his parents as ex-hippies!

Rivers during a photo shoot! *Quick Fact* Rivers not only plays the guitar but the piano too!

Another hot pic of Rivers! *Quick Fact* Rivers was born with one leg 2 inches longer than the other one!

Rivers looking hotin black and white! *Quick Fact* In 1995, Rivers had painful knee surgery to fix his leg problem!

Rivers performing! *Quick Fact* At Harvard, Rivers studies English and Music!

Rivers performing! *Quick Fact* Rivers writes most of Weezer's songs!