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Jesse Bradford!!

Here are my pics of Jesse Bradford (Born name: Jesse Watrouse)! Jesse was born on May 28, 1979 in Norwalk, Connecticut!

A cute pic of Jesse from "Bring It On!" *Quick Fact* Although Jesse doesn't smoke, he collects lighters! He has over 400!

Jesse goofing off! *Quick Fact* Jesse has a dime size scar on his nose from a boogie boarding incident!

A pic of Jesse smiling on "Bring It On" with Kirsten Dunst! *Quick Fact* Jesse has taken karate lessons!

Jesse playing the guitar in "Bring It On!" *Quick Fact* Jesse wants to eventually play guitar with Van Morrison!

A hot black and white pic of Jesse! *Quick Fact* Jesse was in a Q-Tip commercial when he was only 8 months!

A cute pic of Jesse! *Quick Fact* In 1996, Jesse graduated Brein McMahon High School!

A cute pic of Jesse with a guitar! *Quick Fact* Jesse admires Kevin Spacey (the actor)!

Jesse on "Speedway Junkie!" *Quick Fact* Jesse's celebrity crush is Trish Goff!

Jesse on "Romeo and Juliet!" *Quick Fact* Jesse recently attends Columbia University!

Another hot pic of Jesse on "Romeo and Juliet!" *Quick Fact* Throughout his entire life, Jesse has dated two cheerleaders!