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Brian Littrell!!

Here are my pics of Brian Littrell (full name: Brian Thomas Littrell)! Brian was born in Lexington, Kentucky on February 20, 1975!

Brian performing! *Quick Fact* Brian's mother's name is Jackie, Brian's father's name is Harold, and Brian's older brother's name is Harold Jr.!

A great pic of Brian in black and white! *Quick Fact* Brian was born with a hole in his heart. At the age of 5, Brian got an infection in that hole creating a disease (Bacterial Endocarditis) and he almost died! Thank God he pulled through! Look at him now!

Wow! *Quick Fact* Brian loves to play basketball, his favorite color is blue (for Kentucky), and his favorite food is macaroni and cheese!

Devilish....yet sexy!!! *Quick Fact* Brian has a pet dog (chiuaua) named Tyke!

Oh my God!!! He is soooo hot!!! *Quick Fact* Brian's best friend out of all five Backstreet Boys is Nick Carter!

Shirtless Brian?!? Is there anything better?!? *Quick Fact* Brian had heart surgery in 1998 due to an over-size heart!

Great black and white pic of Brian!! *Quick Fact* Brian has a deep belief in Jesus Christ!

Brian looking good! *Quick Fact* Brian and Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys are cousins!

Brian and his wife Leighanne (maiden name: Wallace)! Congrats! Also pictured are their two chiuaua's Tyke Thomas and Litty Leigh!

Brian at a photoshoot! *Quick Fact* Brian thinks the ideal date would be a picnic in the park!

Brian at the making of the "More Than That" video! *Quick Fact* Brian wrote a song for his mother called the "The Perfect Fan" for the "Millennium" CD!