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Devon Sawa!!

Here are my pics of Devon Sawa (full name: Devon Edward Sawa)! Devon was born on September 7, 1978 in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Here's Devon! *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite TV Show is "Married...With Children!"

Devon lifting his shirt up! *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite foods are pizza and anything from Taco Bell!

Devon on a television appearance! *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite color is blue but he likes to wear black and grey!

A shirtless pic of Devon!! *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite movie is "Star Wars!"

Devon after the filming of "Idle Hands" with Seth Green!

Devon smiling! *Quick Fact* Devon began doing commercials including Nerf and Honeycombs!

Devon in "Final Destination" with Seann William Scott

Devon having trouble in "Final Destination!" *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite actress is Demi Moore!

Devon in "Idle Hands!" *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite city is L.A. because "There's always something to do there!"

Devon looking good in black and white! *Quick Fact* Devon's favorite actor is Robert DeNiro!