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A.J. McLean!!

Here are my pics of A.J. McLean (full name: Alexander James McLean)! A.J. was born January 9, 1978 in West Palm Beach, Florida!

A.J. looking really hot in a white tank top! *Quick Fact* A.J. played on a tv show on Nickelodeon before he was a Backstreet Boy!

A.J. in sunglasses as usual! *Quick Fact* A.J.'s an only child!

A.J. in overalls looking so cute! *Quick Fact* When A.J. was young he did puppeteering and ventriloquism!

A.J. in a car! *Quick Fact* A.J. did a solo tour where he had an alter ego, Johnny No Name!

WOW! You can see A.J.'s eyes! *Quick Fact* A.J.'s favorite book is "The Witches!"

A.J. in black and white! *Quick Fact* A.J's nicknames are obviously "A.J." and "Bone!"

A.J. in the Millennium photoshoot! *Quick Fact* A.J.'s favorite actor is Dustin Hoffman!

A.J. looking really hot with blond and brown hair! *Quick Fact* A.J.'s favorite cologne is Joop!

A.J. looking hot in white! *Quick Fact* A.J.'s favorite TV Show is "Seinfeld!"

A.J. walking in a brown tank top! *Quick Fact* A.J.'s favorite color is yellow!